Summer Race League

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Dates & Results for 2019

  • 13th April
  • 11th May
  • 22nd June
  • 13th July
  • 21st September
  • 19th October

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 What is the Summer Race League?

A series of 6 race days over the summer in which teams of 10 skiers compete to earn points. Teams compete from Wales, South West England and the Midlands. Two special teams: Xtras and Harlequins, have been set up for skiers who want to race but don't get into their main team.

Where and when are the race days?

The races are held at the Gloucester Ski Centre. Race days are always on a Saturday and are held monthly from May to October inclusive. If for any reason a date has to be cancelled a further date will be added in November. The actual dates are usually announced in March. The slope is open for practice at 9:00, with the timed racing starting at 10:00 and finishing at approximately 12:30. The afternoon dual slalom starts at 1:30-2:00 and runs through to approximately 5:00.

How do the races work?

The race days are in two parts: the morning; and the afternoon. In the morning each skier has two timed runs down a slalom course, with the fastest of the two times counting. It is not necessary to complete both runs, just one. Skiers are awarded points for how well their time compares to the other skiers within their age group, with 20 points for the fastest time, 19 points for the second, going down to 1 point for finishing the course. The time also determines the races in the afternoon.

In the afternoon skiers with similar times (regardless of age) race against each other in a "dual slalom". Each skier has 3 head-to-head races and are awarded 3 points for a win, 2 points for a draw and 1 point for finishing.

What do I need for the day?

Suitable protection must be used by all racers, including long sleeve top, gloves and a helmet. Shin and pole guards are recommended and ski sticks must have plastic tip protectors. Skis, boots, sticks and helmets can be hired at the slope. Come prepared for a long day outside - whatever the weather.

Seeded Skiers

Seeded skiers must have seed point no less than 85 for males and 60 for females.  This year we are also allowing one racer per team, who must be either U14/16/18, to race, who is under the seed point level at each round. The competition is in the SSE ‘Fun Racing’ category, so will be in the spirit of fair play and friendship.

Information Sheet & Registration Form

Click here to download the information pack for racers.